Michael Blackstone was born on August 24, 1987 in Big Bear California, and soon after relocated to Anaheim/Orange county area. As a child he entered many art contest and took nothing less than second place, and devoted all his time to drawing and painting. This all ended, however, when his parents seperated, leaving michael weary yet still passionte. Blackstone attended Garden Grove high focusing directly on art and science preperations for college advancement. Although he graduated with a 4.0 honors recognition, and immediately enrolled into Heald medical college, he soon realized his artistic abilities and began to pursue his passion with everything he had.

At 18 years of age, his mother gave him the option of choosing his gift for christmas; either an xbox 360, or a tattoo machine.  Michael grew tired of painting and drawing and decided a new medium would be a gift in itself, so the tattoo machine was chosen.  Michael knew little about tattooing, and the technology involved, so he read forums, reviews and even took visits to local shops. No one truly offered a hand, so he became self-sufficient in learning the basics of becoming a true tattoo artist.

With several years of experience under his belt, and a vast amount of followers/clientele nationwide, he has become a successful face in the artistic industry and continues to deliver an amzing amount passionate, Meaningful and colorful tattoos. Along side with his ambitious and comical personality, he’s sure to show the world the beautiful side to the art of tattooing.